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Using Openlinks browser is very easy.


The search bar shows the current link that was accessed. By typing in the search bar, the desired URL is called up. If words are typed into the search bar instead of URL, a search is carried out in Openlinks or google. The standard search can be changed in the settings.

When scrolling, the title of the current URL appears. The forward and backward, refresh, start page and cancel buttons are used for navigation. The update can also be carried out by pulling down the browser. When scrolling down, the "TOP" button appears. Tapping this button scrolls the browser up.

With the "Share" button, the current URL can be sent in social networks, email, Whats-app etc. With the navigation menu button at the bottom right, the current URL can be opened in Safari and / or saved in the settings as the default URL.

The menu appears with the button at the top right.


Enter a URL in the settings in the URL field, for example a search engine.

To disable cookies, tap the switch. Cookies are no longer saved.

To disable cache, tap the switch. Cache is no longer used.

To change the standard search engine on the search bar, tap the switch. The Openlinks search is changed to google search.

To deactivate user agent identification, tap the switch. Identification of the browser is no longer possible.

To simulate a user agent, tap one of the buttons to be simulated or type it in manually.

Every change or setting requires saving the current settings. A long press on save loads the last saved setting.


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